Geometric ring

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Geometric ring.

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Gold plated brass.
Mirror Finish.
Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free.
Antiallergic Treatment.




4 cm x 3 cm.


100% Bronze.



The accessories of the Myth of Gea must be stored separately or wrapped in soft fabrics so that they do not get scratched. The packing in which the piece is delivered is made specifically with the purpose of maintaining the pieces in prime condition.

It is also recommended that:

One does not part take in sporting or dangerous activities with the accessories.
Avoid contact with beauty products and house hold products that may damage the color and finishes.
It is necessary to frequently check the status of the clasp. Since the pieces are heavy they may loosen over time.
The accessories should not be exposed to extreme and sudden temperature changes.

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Additional information

All the articles that are designed by The Myth of Gea have been artistically produced in Spain by the most sought after professionals in its field. Using only natural and excellent quality materials. Due to the artesian processes with which each piece is made, the accessories can suffer small variations in respect to the photo presentation in both the color and finishing.




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