Graduate in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and the Accademia di Belli Arti de Venezia (Italy), Xavi Montava has devoted much of his career to the field of fashion, working in leading companies such as brand manager. Two years ago he decided to merge this experience in the field of fashion with his artistic training to create “El Mito de Gea” where unleashes his true calling as a creative developing a particular universe that has become the signature identification element.

El Mito de Gea is more than a brand of accessories, it is a multidisciplinary project that combines craftsmanship with cutting-edge design all made with quality materials.

This uniqueness has resulted in El Mito de Gea has now carved out a significant niche in the industry, with appearances in major fashion magazines both nationally and internationally and that many celebrities have a bran for its special events. We must also highlight the collaboration with various designers on the runways Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami.


At the beginning of time, there was no land, just a gloomy place, a perpetual void that ruled the Chaos, a dark deity. And from Chaos emerged Gea, the eternal and unbreakable support of everything. Land Goddess, Gea, represents the feminine side of cosmos and the fertility of life.


EL MITO DE GEA (The myth of Gea) is a new collection within the field of accessories that combines exclusivity with experimental creativity. Our pieces are designed to make a difference in an extremely overcrowded environment. Our accessories are born to last through time as collector’s pieces.

EL MITO DE GEA explores a mythological universe full of icons and symbols. It searches near and far to develop new proposals and contemporary concepts. The team of designers constantly aiming to undertake new concepts in order to offer an avant-garde product to our customers.


The essence of all pieces is due to the process of production that is expressed through every minor detail. The 100% handmade, in Spain process intends to control perfectly all production to obtain the supreme excellence.
The accessories of El Mito de Gea are a result of a strenuous experimental process. Each piece is a cross of concepts that give way to eclectic accessories expressed through both the usage and crafting of the materials. Elaboration techniques pertaining to diverse fields are joined together to create these singular and unique items.




EL MITO DE GEA guarantees the exclusivity of every piece by the serial number pertaining to one and only one piece. Every component of these limited collections is given a code in which the number of pieces available in the market is indicated, as well as their edition number.


The accessories of the Mito de Gea are fabricated in accordance to the directive CD 97/24. This directive establishes requirements for products that are in constant contact with skin. The directive considers products which contain a maximum of 0,5 μg of nickel by cm² per week to be against the directive. This absence of nickel guarantees the quality of the product for two years if used normally.


The accessories of the MITO DE GEA are lead free in accordance to the USA directive in effect since 14.08.2009, such directive establishes a limit of a maximum of 300 pp of lead in a base material such as, metal or plastic and a limit of 90 in a superficial material such as varnishes.